J. Writer Bio

Many readers will enter this section with the hope of discovering why they find themselves spending precious man-hours sorting through the opinions of this questionable family. Who are their references? Do qualifications exist? These people will besorely disappointed because, by and large, the answer is a resounding “no”. However, in an attempt to build this rapport it is only customary that certain information be divulged.

Jonathan was born in the Central Georgia town of Cochran. For the few that aren’t familiar with this location please imagine Mayberry (if Mayberry had a 1 restaurant per culture limit). Cochran does boast a great school system, people worthy of genuine relationships, and a safe environment for raising your family.

Disclaimer: Cochran is safe from violent crime, but more people die from heart disease every year. Cochran may or may not factor heavily into these statistics. 

J Writer Urban Lova

After graduating high school Jonathan was forced, duped, convinced to attend Middle Georgia College, a community college located in (pause for dramatic effect) Cochran, GA. While completing an Associates of Art in Speech/Communication Jonathan worked late nights and early mornings for the CBS affiliate 13

WMAZ as a production assistant. Broadcasting fulfilled certain quotas for his dreams, but film school had always been the ultimate objective. Georgia State University provided opportunity for growth.  Jonathan participated in several film thesis projects before advancingto the regional level of the Campus Movie Fest competition with his short “American Kennel”.

The most influential college experiences occurred outside the classroom. Jonathan, alongside his sister, began volunteering with several nonprofit organizations. Volunteering was the spark that caused the fire. After completing his B.A. Jonathan enrolled with AmeriCorps and moved to the Tacoma, WA. The transformation into full fledged bohemian was nearly complete. Dumpster diving, thrift store haggling, andpainting small bird silhouettes onto generic, formica tables rounded out the education.

J Writer Outdoorsman

The end of his AmeriCorps term brought about the return cross-country road trip. Jonathan unloaded his life back in Cochran and began working for a local wilderness rehabilitation facility for adjudicated youth. While temporarily using FaceBook to reconnect with his lost high school friends he was stalked by a gorgeous young lady from one of the surrounding counties. While in fear for his life he confronted the girl and set up a date/sting operation to engage the suspect.

They met at the local Catholic Church for Sunday Mass (play unsolved mystery theme music here) followed by a bucket of cheap beer and pizza. Jonathan then suggested that they might see the Academy Award nominated film The Social Network. The young lady vehemently refused. She counter-offered that they watch Jackass 3-D. Soon after, the couple was married (obviously) and the parents of a “beautiful” baby girl.

Cristina and Jonathan now write The Ross Writer together.

J Writer POW


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