The Long and Short of It

The lights are low in the sky and low in the single room motel off a branch in Northern Iowa. A day off the dusty trail washed down the drain and fresh skin dawned in the dusk …

I hope everyone has been enjoying Cristina’s picture posts as we pass through this great nation. I haven’t been able to do any writing, but while we rested I wanted to extend a quick post before resting.

Everything has been going fairly smoothly. The biggest hitches of the past two days have been the futile effort of attempting to back up a triple axle tow trailer in a tiny parking lot and navigating Kansas City in a snow storm. The solutions? Unhitch the trailer, turn the U-Haul around, re-hitch the trailer. Drive 45 mph in the center lane. Both were successful but not without stressors.

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I hope everyone knows that we’re progressing as planned and are enjoying the trip as much as one can while driving a U-Haul 3000 miles with a 1-year old.

Our goal for the 22nd is to reach Eastern Montana!


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