Slowness of Settling

It was certainly an exciting journey. An “over the mountains and through the woods” of near epic proportions. Braving the edges of Winter Storm Virgil in a 20′ U-Haul, towing a car, with a 1-year old, and wife has definitely taught me a lesson: when family members say that they think something is a bad idea they are probably right. Despite experiencing another cross country drive, if I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I would hire an 18-wheeler with movers at both ends of the country.


Arbor is still a character (pronounced “Chair-ector”)

As our new home begins to take shape we begin to settle in to our life in Tacoma. Boxes remain stacked in the bedrooms, dishes are sitting in the sink, and bedtime arrives too early, but for once in a long while, it feels fine. We are fine with taking a breath and relaxing after the first leg of our journey. We experience homesickness. And, it’s beautiful. To be able to experience a longing for loved-ones confirms that they are so loved.

Last night we were invited to a welcome dinner with my old friends Kai and Looch. Seeing such friends is “Emotional Aloe”: a calming of the heart. Cristina claimed twice that she has now had the best spaghetti ever thanks to Luciano. Arbor loved the green beans more than a child should. And I could not have felt more welcomed in this town without these guys.

We spend our afternoons “facetiming” with Ken and Regina or J.R.’s peeps. It’s comforting that distance is shortened by technology and that Arbor will always know the faces of those that came before her.

Today I am taking the family to Point Defiance Park for a stroll along the beach and a cruise of 5-Mile Drive. We’ll probably cap this off with appetizers at Katie Down’s of Duke’s Chowder House (We promised Toni to eat some chowder for her soon). Tomorrow evening we’ll be attending Easter Mass at St. Leo’s with Looch and L’Arche Tahome Hope members.

We keep promising more updates and we will get more regular with our content. But with this as everything else we can take a little slower out West.



The Mountain peeking through the trees


The view towards Point Defiance


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