An Introspective on the Mundane

“I think the hipster might have rubbed off on me.”

Just about .5 mi from our house is an interesting little market, The Metropolitan Market. It caters to many foodie trends/lifestyles: gluten-free, vegan, raw foods.

It’s not easy cooking when all of your pots and pans are in boxes so I left to peruse their ready-made selection. Rustic Cauliflower, artichoke prawn salad, coconut chicken curry, green apple salad all looked promising. I got them all. Along with local returnable glass bottle milk and Yakima Valley made wine. It has been delicious. The cost isn’t always on-point with our budget, but for many items we can travel just across the street to the Proctor Safeway.


Cristina was finally able to visit the nation’s 2nd largest city park, Point Defiance. Before attending Easter Vigil at St. Leo’s Church we drove Ruston Way and 5 Mile Drive. This weekend is Tacoma was said to have been the first “outdoor worthy” weekend of the year with clear skies and 65 degrees (or what in GA we would call a winter’s day). The park was beautiful and packed with people jogging, cooking out, and hiking the rhododendron garden.





At St. Leo’s I was stunned to see so many people from the L’Arche community. It was truly a wonderful surprise. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Pat, the head of l’arche farm and gardens. He led us to the community leader which lead us to a big group of probably 15 new and old community members. I did not expect such an amazing welcome, but am joyful that I was.

There was a candle lit outdoor vigil and an Easter Service. Arbor did amazing for Cristina and I but ultimately 10:00pm was getting a little late for her so we headed out early. All in all a slowly paced and enjoyable day for the family in our new territory.












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