Chili Monday!

As Jonathan started his first day of work, I started mine: getting used to the new house. A little after lunch Arbor and I finally found a routine. I quickly found out that she is small enough to slide through the couches so I blocked off the living room, moved the coffee table, and laid down a blanket. She had a ton of toys to play with but she kept picking my shoes, the remote, and the lamps. Once that was forbidden she decided to slide every toy under the couch and tv stand but as the last toy was kicked to the dark abyss, I was done putting chili on the crock pot!

Also, I finished one room! Doesn’t seem like a big accomplishment but with a 1 year old cruising around in her princess car, it is (Thanks to Tia Shirley provided us with the most essential tools, more thanks for Arbor’s recliner).

So as there are still clothes in the dryer and boxes in the hall, I am retiring for the night!










4 responses to “Chili Monday!

  1. I love the look of your dining room and can’t wait to be sitting there eating some of the delicious food that you are going to cook for me:)

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