Kai’s birthday party

Before I post any pictures I would like to stress the fact that I did a horrible job documenting this wonderful experience in still form! Laura made a great gluten free cake, Pat brought beautiful flowers, and many other friends brought so many goods (that I didn’t capture with pictures). But Jonathan did get the most important part, Kai blowing put his birthday candles! I must say, this along with every adventure with amazing people fill our hearts and mend our homesickness. Moving across the country is such a rewarding experience, now it’s time to transplant our family here!

Arbor has a friend Saturday night. A 5 week old baby boy named Leif! So in our expanding group of friends, we have a Leif to our Arbor.

Arbor actually loved the party Saturday. She rolled around in her “car” that Tia Shirley and Tio Mario gave her, offering her juice to everyone all while picking food from everyone’s plate.

I will say it time and time again, the lifestyle of Washington reminds me so much of the time I spent in Peru. It is truly a dream come come!












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