Exactly What You Thought It Would Be Like

People charge $13 for a lb. of Rosemary. Why would people pay for that? Out here it grows like a weed.

I’m really into Bio-mimcry. In Asia they are building the most efficient rail systems in the world based off neurological patterns in mushrooms.

Someone made us a great bouquet with that rainbow chard.

You know what I want to grow? Jerusalem artichokes.

photo 5-5

Flowers @ the Proctor District Farmer’s Market

The above lines were all lines that I either heard, said, or where in proximity to during my 3rd week in the Northwest. I am happy to be in an area that is so consumptions conscious.

The area in which we live has a great tradition of farmer’s markets. On Saturday mornings in the Proctor’s District there is a small market that is host to many small, local farms, restaurants, and fisheries (including host to L’Arche Farm & Gardens).

photo 1-1

G2G! (Good to Go)

photo 2-2

B&R (Bundled Ampersand Ready)

As Cristina, Arbor, and I walked around the spot we smelled the wonderful food from Gateway to India and saw the fresh greens that are so prominent in the area. First I purchased something that was completely new to me: pickled fish! A Seattle-based fisherman, Loki, catches sock-eyed salmon and pickles them with vinegar, onions, and garlic.

I also bought something so hot that it rivals the Mad Dog 357 hot sauce Cristina bought me for Christmas 2 years ago. Yellow Fatalli made by Four Sisters is an all natural pepper sauce that can be used to cook with or as a condiment. However, if you are able to use this spicy mix as a condiment you have no pain sensors in you mouth. As soon as I put the toothpick to my tongue the heat began to radiate through all corners of my mouth.

photo 2-5

Hot w/out compromising taste

photo 5-4 photo 4-2

After we left the market proper we ventured into a Proctor staple: the Celtic-centric Harp and Shamrock, that specializes in celtic jewelry, clothes, and artwork. As you can imagine it holds a special place in my heart. I attempted to engage the clerk in a conversation about the Scottish child ballad “Tam Lin” but it was obvious that she had never heard the tune. I felt like a true Scot to out-Scot the Scot.

Check out the song here. The tale of a woman pregnant by a “skin changer” that must hold her love until he again becomes a man. Haunting & Beautiful.

photo 3-2

The Harp & Shamrock

photo 4-3 photo 5-3

A great aspect of visiting farmers markets is that once you’ve visited for a while and head off you still have the rest of your day to experience other events; which, is what we aim to do. While the sun shines we are heading out to relax by the water.

after a nap

after a nap

– J


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