A Visit from Slenderman

A tongue-in-cheek experience that I wrote into Mysterious Universe about. It addresses them directly.


After listening to last weeks +plus episode I experienced sleep paralysis! Even worse, it was with a slender man-like entity.

I haven’t experienced sleep paralysis since late high school, early college. During those times I always felt like I wasn’t alone, but no one or no thing else was ever present. I would just lie there unable to speak or move and stare into the empty corners of the room. I always felt it was always just a physiological reaction to stress.

However, last night I woke up still mildly intoxicated from the few drinks I’d had earlier in the evening. Feeling that I might have a headache in the morning I decide to go downstairs and get a drink. Not able to go directly back to sleep I fire up the iPad and read about Gnomes on the MU website. After the article I rolled over and shut my eyes.

It felt like no time at all had passed when I looked over my shoulder towards the door of the room. Walking into my room was a tall, faceless black mass. I would describe him to my wife as a black Gumby with the trademark long arms.

I was somehow aware that I was dreaming and not scared as he approached me with his arms outstretched. He wrapped his arms underneath my neck and began to choke me from a headlock position.

This is when I awoke. I still couldn’t breathe. I was scared now b/c I knew I was awake. I wanted to say my wife’s name, but couldn’t. I struggled with how I could find my voice for a moment like mental gymnastics trying to work my way from this position. After a moment I was able to speak her name. This instance I did I fell back to sleep.

I’m not trying to blame Elliot for this, I’m just saying that it has been 10 years since it has happened. He mentions it and BAM!

I admit it would have been a much scarier situation if it had been anything other than something I could compare to slender man.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you had a laugh.


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